The way you live your daily life decides what you will become

Number one important factor in knowing whether someone is at greater risk of having osteoporosis is genetic. But be advised that there’s another factor that contributes to getting osteoporosis and that is the lifestyle of an individual.

Your everyday activity can ascertain whether you are going to get osteoporosis later in life or not. Let us understand what are what we should do and things we shouldn’t do to prevent osteoporosis. Avoid living a sedentary lifestyle, rather, live an active one and be constantly on the move. Offer your bones an exercise to keep them alive and strong. Go do some weightlifting, running, running; dancing, walking, climbing stairs and a lot more but do it moderately. Yes, you need exercise but remember that you need to avoid intense joint exercise and training as it will create problems like narrow bones, eating disorders and irregular menstruation which these issues are due to osteoporosis.

Always keep your body nourished with calcium and vitamin D. Your body needs calcium and if you don’t have sufficient, your own body then tends to receive it from your bones that will lead to bone loss. Eat a lot of food rich in calcium and since not all food is rich in calcium then it’s ideal to take a supplement as well. Apart from nourishing the human anatomy of a wholesome diet, you need to look after this by not drinking excessive alcohol and to quit smoking. Excessive alcohol results in a greater risk of bone loss.

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